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Car and bus rental companies
When visiting Herning, you can make your stay more comfortable by renting a quality car at a low cost at Pedersen & Graversen. A rental car provides the ultimate freedom to experience the city and visit any attraction exactly when it suits you.

Gudhjemvej 3A

7400 Herning

We also rent out mini busses. Amongst the possibilities, there is a 9-person minibus with or without a lift as well as a smaller model with room for 8 persons. Are you going with your whole family, a group of friends or colleagues is one of the minibuses both practical, cosy and economically a good choice.

In addition, you can rent vans, moving trucks with a lift and an auto trailers.

When you rent a car at Pedersen & Graversen, you always get 100 km per day. If you rent the car for two days, then you have 200 km included in the rent. If you know you are going to drive far, it is possible to buy discount packages with extra km for a good price. 

Pedersen & Graversen is placed at Gudhjemvej 3A in Herning, which is also the point of picking up and dropping off the car. The staff is always ready to guide you, so that you get the car best suited to your needs. See the selection of cars at (in Danish). 

Open on weekends and holidays by appointment.


Gudhjemvej 3A

7400 Herning

Opening hours

01 Jan 18 / 01 Jan 21


07:30 - 16:00


07:30 - 12:30

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