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Nørre Snede Coffee Shop

Nørre Snede Coffee Roast shops core product is freshly roasted coffee. The store experiments with different new coffee beans, roasts, and blends, to find the unique flavor of every single bean. The coffee is always fresh and in small doses.

Are you a wanderer on Hærvejen?

The coffee roast shop is an obvious place to rest and have a freshly brewed cup of coffee. You can get both café lattes, cappuccinos, cold beverages and much more. The coffee is made of the unique house blend “Evening Sun”. The shop has a large collection of old coffee cans which are definitely worth exploring.

Besides coffee, the is also a large selection of tea, mugs, specialties, chocolate, liquors and more. You might even find a present, for any occasion, here.

The shop owner, Brian Sigtenbjerggaard is always ready to provide advice and guidance for any that might desire such.

Co-operations with the local producers around Hærvejen is in focus. The coffee shop has its very own award-winning coffee port, which is developed in collaboration with the brewery Humlepraxis. The shop also has its own coffee liqueur, which has been developed in collaboration with Fary Lochan.

In other words, the shop is a universe of coffee, specialties, and accessories.

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