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Nikolaj Stokholm

Saturday 26 August 2023. 

Now your laughing muscles can get a proper workout for a terrific evening when stand-up comedian Nikolaj Stokholm visits the capital of the heath with his new show 'I'm still Nikolaj Stokholm'.

Nikolaj Stokholm is ready with his third – and so far funniest, he thinks – one-man show in the trilogy, which he has made Denmark have a lot of fun with.

The first show, 'Mit liv som Nikolaj Stokholm' (2017), was about childhood and what the comedian is made of. The second show, 'Turen går til Nikolaj Stokholm' (2021) was a story about how his surroundings react to who he has become. In the new show, he asks the question: 'What is it that I want to be?' Both big and small, silly and serious thoughts about what life brings are served in the characteristic and quirky Stockholm way. There is tangible evidence that Nikolaj Stokholm is popular and laughable company.

In 2021, he was named Comedian of the Year at the Zulu Comedy Gala, i.a. for the one-man show 'Turen Går til Nikolaj Stokholm'. The show sold more than 110,000 tickets around Denmark, and the audience was laughing.

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