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Niels Hausgaard

Thursday 2 March 2023 at 19.30.

Niels Hausgaard brings humour and high spirits to Herning. 

The Danish Dane. 

It will be both cosy and cheerful when the popular entertainer Niels Hausgaard once again visits MCH Herning Kongrescenter with his songs and his understated comedy.

It is not easy to put a single label on the popular Niels Hausgaard, who has been entertaining Danes since 1971, and that is perhaps one of the reasons why he has performed to full houses for so many years.

Often, Niels Hausgaard has been asked: "How long will you go on?" The answer is: "Until the audience doesn't want me any more" or "until I'm so old that I'm involuntarily funny." There is plenty of material, however, according to the good-natured North Yorker.

Jazzy tones in 'The Danish Dane.'

Deeply serious and disturbing matters in our society mix with the funny and downright ridiculous. Niels Hausgaard does not shy away from some of these when he visits the MCH Herning Congress Centre. He works with what he calls "our common fate," which we have both cried and laughed about over the years. On stage with him is Martin Schack, who can do it all on his keyboards, but his penchant for jazz shows no sign of abating. Many call it "beautiful" to hear Martin Schack's elegant handling of the musically rather undisciplined Niels Hausgaard.

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