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Nak & Æd - Jørgen Skouboe Møller

Monday 8 May 2023 7 PM.

Look forward to an inspiring and entertaining evening in the company of the "man with the pipe" from the DR success 'Nak & Æd', when the always pleasant Jørgen Skouboe Møller takes you behind the scenes of the popular TV programme.

It's a fun and informative evening where everyone can join in, and where the evening's protagonist reveals, among other things, why the programme is called 'Nak & Æd' and what a house marten tastes like. Naturally, the seasoned outdoorsman will be on hand with a host of hunting and stalking stories and scouting tricks.

The Danes know Jørgen Skouboe Møller quite well from 'Nak & Æd', where he and his faithful companion Nikolaj Kirk test their scouting skills and cooking skills, and at the same time satisfy their thirst for adventure. In addition to 'Nak & Æd', Jørgen Skouboe has appeared in the programmes 'DR-Derude', 'Frilandshaven' and 'Mens vi venter på at dø'. All with nature and its many possibilities as a main focus.

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