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The Minds Of 99

9 April 2022 at 8 pm.

They are behind huge hits like 'Fast Hands', 'Stars in the Sky', 'All Disappointments Over Time' and 'Like Flies' - and they have managed to become one of the country's biggest names without being number one on either streaming or radio hit lists. On 9 April 2022, they will give a concert in Jyske Bank Boxen as part of the successful band's tour ‘Infinity Action tour’.

The Minds of 99, with its numerous earbuds, energetic live performances and ability to create memorable concert experiences, has marked itself as one of the country's absolute live favorites. The five-man band's popularity also shines through clearly with its latest sold-out concert in the Park in September - it has only happened once before that a Danish band has filled the national arena.

But two years have now passed since The Minds of 99 last performed live on stage as a result of the corona pandemic - and the big hit band is therefore looking forward to celebrating the live music with the audience when they take the stage.

- As a band, we have been used to playing incredibly much all the years we have existed. Now we have not played for two years. We miss our audience insanely much. It's live, our music lives the most, and that's where the songs really make sense. In addition to that, the live music as a whole must start again, and we would like to be a part of that. We miss the road incredibly much, says lead singer Niels Brandt.