International Street Art Festival

Visit the International Street Art festival in Brande and have a very special experience. 
The festival takes place the last weekend of June, where the whole city is filled with life and art and joyful colors.

Summer 2021.

A large number of highly professional, international artists perform their art the whole city, in Brande´s streets, pavements and on individual pediments.

While the artists are in the process of transforming the city's streets and alleys into unique and colorful works of art, it is possible to participate in many other activities.

There will be the children 's own Street Art, where the children, under knowledgeable guidance, can experience with the skills of Street Art.

As a guest you have the opportunity to follow the process from the first lines to the finished artwork - the artists compete in the three art categories:

3D Art - The fascinating art form that has become very popular in recent years with its technique of deceiving the eye.

Free art - here the artists get free hands to paint their own motifs, which often have a completely unique expression.

Copy Art - The artworks in this category are typically copies of famous masters, such as Botticelli, Rubens or Rembrandt. You will inevitably be fascinated by the artists' abilities.

Don´t miss it!