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Hyl i Højhuset (Howl in Højhuset) - 15 June

15 June 2023.

Howl in Højhuset.

You like to sing. Sometimes. In the shower or the car. Read more here!

In the spring you can sign up for howl in Højhuset - our in-house rhythmic one-off choir, where on selected days you can come and sing in the choir.

Each choir evening has a theme, and you have to sing 4-5 songs, with the friendly direction of Jonas from MusikRelation, which ensures that the level is raised from joint singing to beautiful choir song. Everyone can participate, and no one is forced to sing solos or scales. Musically you will be exposed to everything from Tom Christensen to Backstreet Boys to Rocazino and Medina.

The goal of the evening is that it should be fun and cozy and that you leave happy and uplifted afterward, a little sore in the body, and quite proud of the evening's music community.

Will we see you? It's going to be howling.

Spring song themes
March 23: Love for better or worse
April 20: Boy bands and pop girls
May 11: 80s hits
June 15: Summer

The evening takes place with a minimum of 20 participants

Book your ticket and pay at the door.


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