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Farvehuset Ikast

Farvehuset Ikast is a Jotun-dealer within paint for private and business. You can also find wall paper and hobby items. Farvehuset Ikast - more than just paint!




Farvehuset Ikast is situated at Kirkegade 42, centrally in Ikast. 


Here you will find paint for privates and businesses as well as industrial- and auto varnish. You will also find a wide selection of wall paper, hobby and art articles as well as party items such as candles, napkins, tablecloth and decorations. 

No projects are too small or big to get professionalism. The customer is always in focus and we take pride in servicing you with your projects. 

Farvehuset Ikast - more than just paint!

Welcome inside to be inspired in the shop and at