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ECCO FEI World Championships Herning - Denmark 2022

6 - 14 August 2022.

The World Championships in Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage and Vaulting will be held in Herning from August 6th to August 14th 2022. Herning2022 will be the greatest equestrian event in Denmark ever!

Experience the world’s elite when the city of Herning hosts the biggest equestrian event in 2022. From August 6th – August 14th 2022, the city of Herning is transformed into a true Mecca for equestrians when the world’s best riders and horses visit the city for 10 days. 

ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022 will be the biggest equestrian event on Danish soil and will welcome around 550 athletes from 70 nations. Furthermore, 200.000 visitors of which 40% come from foreign countries, are expected to visit the big event.

The event will take place in the facilities of MCH Messecenter Herning. 

The World Championships for Jumping and Dressage will be held at the football stadium, MCH Arena (at the occasion called Stutteri Ask Stadium) with a capacity of 10,000 seated guests and a big VIP-lounge.

For the Para Dressage, a new stadium will be built from scratch for the occasion. The stadium will be smaller for the athletes to experience a quiet and intimate atmosphere.

In the arena of Jyske Bank Boxen, the spectators will get an electrifying experience, when the World Championship in Vaulting will kick off. Vaulting is best described as acrobatic exercises on a horse. Women, men and mixed groups of vaulters will fascinate the spectators when performing outstanding vaulting exercises such as artistic mounts and dismounts while the horse is guided on a long rein by a lunger standing on the ground to ensure a steady canter.