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Dansk Svæveflyvehistorisk Klub - DaSK

The Danish Gliding History Club, DaSK, does not put the planes in a museum or hang them under the ceiling. They restore and maintain the planes - and fly with them. Book a tour and visit the hangar and workshops.

Today's gliders are built in fiberglass, whereas veteran gliders are often built of wood and with canvas and appear in DaSK, as when they were used in the Danish glider clubs. Only equipped with an altimeter, speedometer, wool cord and a variometer. There are flights in the glorious old gliders, not only flights over Arnborg, but also longer trips over the Jutland landscape.

The Danish Gliding History Club was founded in 1988 and is based at the Gliding Center Arnborg. The purpose of the club is briefly described, to ensure that gliding historical values ​​are restored, stored, and maintained in a sound manner. The oldest planes were built in the late 30s and the youngest planes were built in the late 60s.

DaSK is occasionally handed over gliders from clubs and private individuals. Some are airworthy but are, in the eyes of the owner, worn out, while others have been left hanging in miserable conditions. These aircraft require a lot of work to become airworthy again. It may take several years.

The club currently owns approx. 70 aircraft of which 33 aircraft are airworthy. 2-3 aircraft are under restoration. In addition, we have a collection of effects associated with gliding in Denmark.

Guided tour
By prior arrangement, it is possible to visit DaSK, as there are guided tours every Tuesday, with visits to the hangar and workshops. The guided tour can be in Danish, English, or German. 
You can choose between the following tours:

Package 1:
Welcome with brief information about the club's background. A short briefing on how to fly. Tour of the hangar and workshops with an explanation of the history of the various aircraft.
Time consumption: approx. 1 hour.
Price: DKK 250 per participant.

Package 2:
Same program as package 1 with either coffee with rolls or pastry.
Time consumption: approx. 1 hour.
Price: DKK 325 per participant.

Package 3:
Same program as package 2, but with a breakfast dish.
Time consumption: approx. 2 hours.
Price: DKK 375 per participant.
Drinks will be extra.

If there is interest in getting to know gliding in more detail, an introductory flight can be arranged. Time consumption: several hours.
Winch launch: DKK 500
Aerotow launch: DKK 800

Minimum 5 participants - applies to all trips.

To book a tour please contact:
Ib Overgard
Tel. +45 22 86 59 01
Mail: brevduebox@gmail.com

The tours take place at Svæveflyvecenter Arnborg, Fasterholtvej 10, Arnborg, 7400 Herning.