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Benjamin Hav & Familien

Saturday 4th November 2023 at 8.00PM. 

As recently as the beginning of January, Benjamin Hav & Familien performed in the Jyske Bank Box in Herning in connection with 'Sport 2022'. On November 4, 2023, the ultra-popular artist and group will return to the city when MCH Herning Kongrescenter is the stage for a show that, in the artist's own words, will first and foremost be big.

The show will be bigger than ever when Benjamin Hav & Familien go on tour this autumn and in that connection hit Herning - and that's saying no small thing, because already last year Hav and company played a cavalcade of successful and overwhelming festival shows as well as a well-attended blast of a series of concerts. Or as frontman Benjamin Hav himself puts it:

- Last year we did something small-time that seemed big. That's why I think now is the time to make something that is really big! Then we have to see if we are too many small-timers for it to become really big, or we can get it all the way up and become biggest. Basically, I believe it will be a big show. Because the family has promised me that they will do what it takes. They always do everything I ask of them, so the show can almost only become the biggest show that the world has ever seen ever before on this planet - that's big.

Kl. 17.00: Restaurant 'Teater Kælderen' opens
kl. 19.00: The Bar and MCH ticketsale opens
Kl. 20.00: Concert begins
Kl. 21.15: Estimated end-time

There will be no breaks during the concert


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