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In Herning all opportunities are open. This means, that we have room to experiment, innovate and develop new exciting arrangements. 

We continuously offers different forms of partnerships. 

In connection with arrangements being held in Herning you have the opportunity to become a partner on the arrangement that you find exciting. 

On this page you can read more about the arrangements on which you can become a partner. 

Become a partner with your own idea

If you have an idea for a new event or conference, that you would like to place in Herning, you can apply for help throughout the whole process - from concept development to the holding of the event. You can do this via the program "Fra ide til konference" where VisitHerning together with different collaborators from Herning help new events become a reality. 

Room to experiment, innovate and develop. 

In Herning all opportunities are open. Your idea can't be either to big or small, alternative or classic. Whatever your idea is, you have the room to experiment, innovate and develop new exciting arrangements in Herning. 

We have the room for many people at the same time. No other place in Denmark has the same physical opportunities for making a big event. Either because there will be a large number of participants or because your idea requires big gesticulations. With the combination of Jyske Bank Boxen, the big exhibition halls, MCH Arena, good ourdoor areas and a city filled with private and public players a whole lot of thing can be possible when it comes to planning events.

Networking events

Are you going to participate in a conference in Herning? And would you in that context like to hold a networking event? 

VisitHerning helps you planning and arranging networking events adjusted to your company and purpose. 



Our partners say that...

We have gathered together an overview of what our current and previous partners say about the collaboration with VisitHerning in different contexts. 


Every time I have been in contact with Tina at VisitHerning, I have received a great service. She is always sweet, helpful and fast. When you, like in my case, have to handle a big group of people (aproxx. 100), then it is very nice to have Tina to help you. She has the chrome-plated overview. I look forward to next year when I once again will work together with the sweet and professional people at VisitHerning. 

Charlotte Lesley , Leading assistant, Venstre.

Dansk Folkeparti

We have held our annual meeting in Herning since 2008. We are very satisfied with the service and the prefessional handling we have received year after year. MCH Herning Kongrescenter and Herning City have the perfekt settings for our annual meeting and they always welcome us with open arms. 

Poul Lindholm Nielsen, party secretary at Dansk Folkeparti.

Knowledge Centre for Pig Production, L & F 

For man years, Knowledge Centre for Pig Production has held our annual meeting and congress for pig production in Herning Kongrescenter. Herning has been the meeting place for the agricultural meetings for several years. It feels a bit like coming home and eventurally, the city's actors know us very well. They have everything we need and they are always attentive to our wishes. At the same time, they can come up with ideas and new initiatives to make our arrangement even better. 

Tanja Liljeqvist, Conference Sectretary, Management & Communication at Knowledge Centre for Pig Production L & F. 

Hold a meeting in Central Jutland

Why Central Jutland

Herning is a distinct business town and we are experts in hosting both professional arrangements and events. Actually we host more than 700 events on an annual basis. We do this because we are good at it. And we know how to help you succeed.

Our services

In Herning, all possibilities are open. Your idea can't be either too big or too small, alternativ or classic. Whatever your idea is, Herning makes it possible to experiment, innovate and develop new and exciting arrangements.