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Become a partner

In Herning, anything is possible. That means there is room to experiment, innovate and develop interesting, new events.

We continuously offer different types of partnerships.

There are a wide range of events held in Herning, you can become a partner on the events that suit you.

On this page, you can read more about the events for which you can become a partner.

Møde Kiwiade

Become a partner with your own idea

Maybe you have an idea for a brand-new type of event or conference you would like to organise in Herning. If so, you can apply to get help for the entire process from concept development to the actual carrying out of the event. With the program “From idea to conference”, VisitHerning works together with various local partners to help new events become reality.

Room to experiment, innovate and develop

In Herning, anything is possible. Your idea is never too big or too small, too alternative or too traditional. Whatever your idea, Herning offers the room to experiment, innovate and develop interesting, new events. There is room for unconventional ideas and for new formats to be created.

And there is room for a lot of people in the same venue at once. There’s nowhere else in Denmark that can create such large-scale event offering so much space; whether that is in terms of venue capacity, with thousands of people set to attend, or if your idea or the event format requires a lot of space in and of itself. With the use of Jyske Bank Boxen, the great exhibition halls, MCH Arena, great outdoor areas and a city filled with private and public players, who are up for a little bit of everything, a surprising number of things are possible when it comes to events.

Stine Nybo
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Head of Project Management

Networking events

Are you attending a conference in Herning where you would like to hold a networking event?

VisitHerning helps plan and organise networking events adapted to your company and purpose.



Møde Kiwiade

This is what our partners say

We have gathered together an overview of what our previous and current partners have to say about working with VisitHerning in various contexts.

The Liberal Party of Denmark (Venstre)

Every time I have been in contact with Tina at VisitHerning, I have received a fantastic service. Always kind, helpful and fast. When you have had a large group of people to move around with as I do (approx. 100), then it is nice to have the assistance of Tina who has a handle on the complicated overview of the situation. I look forward to next year, when I once again will be working with the helpful and professional people at VisitHerning. 

Charlotte Lesley , Management Assistant, Venstre.

The Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti)

We have held our annual meeting in Herning since 2008. We are very happy with the service and professional management that we have received year after year in Herning. We have a fantastic setting for the annual meeting at MCH Herning Kongrescenter, and we are always well-received in the city.

Poul Lindholm Nielsen, Party Secretary with The Danish People’s Party.

Knowledge Centre for Pig Production, L & F

For many years, the Knowledge Centre for Pig Production has had its annual meeting and congress for pig farmers at Herning Kongrescenter. For several years, Herning has been the home of the large meetings held by Danish agriculture. It is kind of like coming home, and the city’s players know us pretty well now. They know what we need, they always listen to what we want and also come up with ideas for new initiatives that can make our events better.

Tanja Liljeqvist, Conference Secretary, Management & Communication at the Knowledge Centre for Pig Production, L & F.


Attending a meeting in Central Jutland