In Herning you can find a lot of different accommodation possibilities. From great hotel rooms with modern design to cosy hostel rooms with a lot of space for the hole family.

If you would like to stay in the city centre, try Hotel Eyde, Scandic Regina or Hotel Corona.

Hotels and Inns

Hotels and Inns

Sleep at one of the great hotels in Herning. Here you will get a nice stay with breakfast in the morning. 

Holiday resorts near Herning

Holiday resorts

Close to Herning you find 2 holiday resorts where larger groups can stay at affordable prices.

Hostels near Herning


If you want to live good and cheap, you can stay at one of the hostels in or close to Herning

Bed & Breakfast

In Herning there are more than 100 rooms, so most of the time it is easy to find accommodation at one of our Bed & Breakfast places.

An overnight stay at one of our Bed & Breakfast places is personal, convenient and cosy.

Holiday homes and flats near Herning

Holiday homes and flats

Stay in an apartment or a holiday home in or around Herning. 

Camping is great

Go camping with your family and experience the nice and relaxed atmosphere on the camping sites.

Here you can play cards in the awning and enjoy a cold glass of ice tea.

Herning offers Nature camps and cabins also.

Do you want to se all the nature around Herning, the animal park 'Løvbakke Dyrehave' and the Artspace 'Skovsnogen' are places we reconment.

Naturen i Herning


Around the entire city, Herning, you will find nice parks and nature filled areas, where the entire family can play around and enjoy life. 

Løvbakke Dyrehave i Herning

Løvbakke Dyrehave (animal park)

Løvbakke animal park was inaugurated the 13th of December 2013. The deer’s’ that moved in came from the disused animal park in Silkeborg.


Skovsnogen Artspace

Skovsnogen Artspace is an exhibition space which is not defined by walls and roofs, but plays out in the open air - far out - in a forest in west Jutland.